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Many years ago I began collecting books for my quilt library. The ones I purchased were what I call “picture books”. They are books on quilt history that are illustrated with photos of antique quilts.

Since old quilts are my primary resource for quilt design ideas and I live far out west, where antique quilts were mostly used up from necessity, viewing actual antique quilts is difficult.

I found that books written about quilt history was a close second to seeing the real thing. Books written for state quilt document projects and catalogs published for special quilt exhibits were just what I needed for learning about old quilts and for being able to see them.

Thus my quilt library has grown over the years to include many books that were printed in limited numbers and available for just a short time.

An unexpected bonus of collecting such quilting books has been the increasing value of those same quilting books. It turns out that the historical books I collected not only increased my mental wealth, they were a great financial investment.

Last week I could not find a book that I knew I had purchased years ago. Out of frustration I checked online to see if it was available to be purchased used. To my astonishment, a small book that I had originally purchased for $10.00 to $15.00 was available all right, but the price started at $55.00 and went up to $200.00!

I am telling you all of this because there is an exhibit catalog now available that I believe will increase in value not only because of the quilts shown there, but also because of the historical information it includes on chintz applique (sometimes called broderie perse). Chintz applique is a type of applique quilt that has received little attention until now.

The International Quilt Study Center (IQSC) in Lincoln, Nebraska has a current exhibit of chintz applique quilts. Accompanying the exhibit (for those of us who cannot attend in person) is a 64-page book of historical information about the form of applique the preceded, and ultimately led to the Baltimore quilt era. It is a great and informative read as well as full of color photos of remarkable chintz applique quilts.

The Chintz Applique catalog is just $19.95, plus $5.00 shipping. To order you may phone the Museum gift store (402-472-6500) or email calicohouse@neb.rr.com to place your order.

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  1. Kathie Says:

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    been thinking about you lately! LOOKING forward to your new patterns, I hear they are awesome :)
    OH MY I feel the same way about my quilt book library
    the best investment I ever made is my books.
    I started collecting about 8 years ago but have bought a lot used from Amazon.
    As soon as someone mentions a book I go looking for it!
    so can you tell us your 10 favorite books????