Got My Hands Full


January has ended and February has begun and I know that many of you are anxious to hear about the status of An Old Fashioned Christmas quilt pattern.

 I’ve been steadily working on the pattern drawings—too steadily it seems, because I have had some trouble with my eyes and I had to slow down. After a visit to the ophthalmologist earlier this week I have learned that my trouble is simply a factor in aging! So the good news is that I am back at the drawing board and ignoring the many extra squiggles floating in front of my eyes.

As usual, Foxglove Cottage orders are heavy after the first of the year and so there is an increase of work that I am trying to keep current. 

And then, of most importance, my husband and I are celebrating our thirty-seventh wedding anniversary this week. We were reminiscing yesterday about our first purchases as a married couple—a 12-inch COLOR television set and living room furniture—that I made in the form of three very large floor pillows.

The fact that we had a color television set was worth bragging rights since they were fairly new at the time. The television set’s small size did not bother us at all because back then it was not all that small.

I made the giant pillows from wide-wale corduroy, with a 27” zipper closure in one end to allow the inner muslin pillow to be removed so our “furniture” could be laundered. We went to a warehouse to buy the shredded foam rubber pieces in bulk. The bag we bought literally filled the back seat of our car. That giant warehouse that was the quietest warehouse-type building I have ever been in. It was quiet because the entire building was literally filled with foam rubber, absorbing every sound.  

The most amazing part of our early memories together is how pleased we were with ourselves and the comforts our purchases provided us. How times have changed!

Enough of memory lane, it is back to work for me. Oh, and in case you are wondering, the darling model at the top of this posting is our youngest and seventh granddaughter. Life doesn’t get any better!

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