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Changing Places

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For the past six years we have lived in the desert southwest where the sun is relentless, the landscape strikingly beautiful, and the red soil is dotted with sagebrush and lava rock. The summers are blazing hot and the winters are beautifully temperate, albeit much too short. I was born there and grew up in the desert but the majority of my life has been in northern Utah where winters have snow and cottage garden flowers thrive in the summertime.

Last July, Charlie and I took a weekend drive that has changed the course of our future. We found and purchased a five-acre parcel of land near a small historic town. During the ensuing months we had a sturdy, brick home built. It sits in the middle of our treeless land, that was most recently a farmer’s field. It is quiet, cool, and endowed with mountain and valley views. There is much work to be done, but for the moment it feels good to simply sit on our porch in the evenings and enjoy our new good fortune.

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