Back On Track

I have been away visiting my daughter and her family and upon my return I had my monthly three days of classes in Salt Lake, so….I am woefully behind on my plans to keep posting. Pictures below show some the fun I had with family… it was a great break!

Earlier this week I posted a photo of a quilt I am working onto Pinterest and I am posting it here too (see above). For those of you who do not know about this coverlet, you can learn more by looking at Esther Aliu’s blog under the tab at the top of the page on her blog called “Love Entwined 1790 Marriage Coverlet”. In summary, Esther, who lives in Australia, saw a black and white photo of this early English coverlet and decided to make a reproduction pattern for it.

I investigated, and from the beginning, I was charmed.  I wanted to create my own version of this amazing piece of artistry from 1790, I wanted to know more about quiltmaking from this period of time, and I was hooked! Although I followed Esther’s coverlet’s progress, I created my version which I have drawn from looking at the original and tweaking a bit to suit my tastes. I purchased a copy of the 1958 book where the black and white photo is printed and started from there. My coverlet is very different from Esther’s.

My coverlet’s progress was rudely interrupted with my unexpected heart surgery, which has taken me a very long time to heal from and get back on track.  There are thousands of pieces yet to applique on my Coverlet quilt but it is progressing, however slowly. I’ll keep you updated here as I go along.

Meanwhile, here are some cute pictures of my little ones. I’ll be back soon with my continuing quilting career story, and more on  my current projects!

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  1. Karenlogcabinquilter Says:

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    I think your quilt is beautiful. I hope you will pattern it some day. Your version appeals to me very much.
    I have admired your designs for quite some time and have made many of your blocks.

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