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Happy Thanksgiving

Published on November 24, 2010

Tomorrow this table will be set and loaded with lots of good things to eat. How fortunate I am to have enough, and more, in all areas of my life. Thanksgiving truly is my favorite holiday.
Last year, at my quilt classes’ Christmas party, one of my students brought this yummy appetizer. It is quick and [...]

Cozy Comforts

Published on January 17, 2010


When we lived in the desert a few years ago I longed for real winter weather. I missed the snow, the clean landscape the snow creates and the embracing quiet that snow storms bring. I missed the comforting feel of layered clothing, and most of all I wanted to stop being hot so much [...]

Winter Traditions

Published on December 12, 2009

It snowed earlier this week. Approximately 6 to 8 inches of snow fell and then it turned very cold. In fact, I understand from the national news that two-thirds of our country was, and still is, under the icy grip of this same storm.
When the first big snow of the year falls, I always think [...]

Canning Season

Published on September 6, 2008

The weather is changing here. Although the leaves on the trees are still green and mid-day the temperature reaches 80 degrees or more, the night temperatures are cool and the air feels different. It is mellow and comfortable.
Best of all the grasshoppers are dying off. Just as we were about to give up on everything we [...]