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Published on November 26, 2006

A weekend ago my sisters and I got together for a “sisters only” retreat. We belong to a family of eight kids, five of us are girls. Our family grew with a new baby every two years over a span of sixteen years. We were all young together. We were poor in worldly possessions, but [...]


Published on November 22, 2006


Sometimes life goes at an easy pace and there is time for everything I want or need to do in a day. And then there are times, like the past few weeks, when I race through the day from one task to the next wondering how it got so late so fast. Thanksgiving seemed ages [...]

Playing With Dolls

Published on November 13, 2006

No little girl growing up ever enjoyed playing with dolls more that I did. There were five girls in my family and so each of our Christmas dolls came with just one change of clothes and maybe, if we were lucky, we got a nightgown for our dolly as well. Because it was so important [...]


Published on November 5, 2006

November is my favorite month of the year. For me, it is a time to enjoy the coziness of a warm fire, make plans for a fine meal with family, and remember all of the things I have a tendency to treat as entitlements. It is a month of enjoying home and all that word [...]