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Mid-Winter Blues

Published on January 31, 2007

It has been cold here. Very cold. Overnight lows temperatures have been zero or below for weeks. Extreme cold temperatures are a factor in the creation of temperature inversions that trap cold air and pollutants in valley locations. That has been the case here. Our normally clear air is clouded and it seems a bit dreary. I have been thinking recently [...]

Roots and Branches

Published on January 21, 2007

On our drive to Tucson, one of the many small towns we passed through in Southern Utah was Orderville. That tiny town is a part of my personal history. My mother grew up there and in the small cemetery near the center of town, three generations of my grandparents lay sleeping. Growing up, I heard [...]

Pure Joy

Published on January 9, 2007

One of our granddaughters turned three-years-old last weekend and I had the sweet privilege of making birthday cake with her. Since it was her cake, she planned the flavors—rainbow cake with chocolate frosting. Nothing else would do. 
Making the cake and then the frosting were major operations. She and I smelled and tasted the ingredients of [...]

New Year’s Resolutions and a Great Calendar

Published on January 3, 2007

Now that the holidays are sadly over, it is time to begin again with plans for the future. I have a few thoughts about self-improvement and it is nice to have a time once a year to resolve to become a better person. Our former neighbor makes the same resolution every year and always succeeds [...]