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Favorite Things

Published on January 27, 2008

As individuals we are ever-changing as we grow, learn, age, and live. Recently as I sat working I began to reflect on my favorite “things” and I realized how much those things have changed as time passes. 
When I was a young girl I sometimes thought about what I would take with me should I need [...]

Winter Wonderland

Published on January 23, 2008

It has been winter here for a very long time. The snow is deep and getting deeper, the temperatureis mostly in the teens or lower. The icicles hanging from the house are daily getting longer. The roads throughout our little town are snow packed, but clear—a perfect place to hook a sled behind a four-runner for [...]

Coming Up For Air

Published on January 8, 2008

This past month I have been preparing for a new venture. This weekend I will have a vendor booth at the Tucson Quilt Show. I am excited to try out a new way of sharing with the public. I will be able to introduce my techniques and talk with many more quiltmakers than is possible [...]