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Spring Break

Published on May 19, 2008

I have spent the past week visiting our daughter, son-in-law, and their children. It was lovely. From the moment I first arrived the grandchildren were open and ready to interact with me. There was no distance to overcome before our conversations and activities together were easy.
As many can relate, it is difficult to establish the kind [...]

Catching Up

Published on May 10, 2008

It feels as though I have been away for a long time. Finally, my work is all current and finally, Spring has arrived here, and finally, I can allow myself to think creatively again. It feels great!

The Needle Samplers are a big hit. We have been hearing from you (the actual uses of them) and [...]

Personal Economy

Published on May 5, 2008

In our current tough, and sometimes scary, national economy, I believe we are all trying to think of ways to conserve resources. Sometimes a real difference can be made (like following family members around the house turning off lights) and sometimes it is simply obsessing over something silly.
This concept is not a new one and [...]