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Small Town 4th of July

Published on June 29, 2009

Preparations have begun for this year’s big event in the town next to us. Mt. Pleasant lives up to it’s name during summer holidays. Yards are carefully groomed and U.S. flags proudly flutter from porches and yards.
The City Park is being decked out in preparation for the carnival that will be held there. As you can see, [...]

Crops of Peas and Kittens

Published on June 26, 2009

Finally, our crop of peas, planted last March, has matured. Every day we are enjoying a freshly picked “mess” of peas. (For those uneducated in country language, a mess of any vegetable is a pan full–or enough for a meal.)
For those paying attention to math, you are right, that was a very long time for [...]

The Grand Canyon

Published on June 18, 2009

We took a vacation last week and visited The Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.
About sixty miles south of the South Rim is a little town of Williams. There is a vintage train there that daily makes the journey–very slowly–to the South Rim. We were among the passengers last Thursday.
The [...]

Progress Report

Published on June 8, 2009

How time flies! Spring has passed and we are quickly heading into Summer. In our yard, the weeds are knee-high and still growing! Maybe we need some sheep to trim them back….
I have been thinking lately about time and how things have changed so much in such a seemingly short time. Today’s post is about [...]