Critique My Quilt

Hi Jeana

I have attached two photos of my quilt that I finished hand quilting. I put the photos up on my blog already. I wanted to ask you to look at them and let me know what you think.

I hand quilted and hand appliqud this quilt. I do appreciate if you would consider sharing your vast experience with me. I do enjoy reading your blog.

I also wanted to ask you if you do anything particular to a quilt edge after it is hand quilted prior to putting on the binding? Something like a stay stitch.

Thank for your time



Meredith, your quilt is lovely and well done. I am especially impressed with your tiny hand quilting stitches! Many of us work a lifetime to even come close to the hand quilting skill that is evident in your quilt!


Since you asked, I do have a couple of thoughts that you may find helpful. On the topic of the quilting, the eight-point star quilting motif is very nice and it compliments the curving lines of the applique motifs.

When planning a format for quilting it is good to consider what would enhance and increase the appeal of the existing quilt top. Often the choice of a very linear pieced quilt top design is “rounded” quilting to soften the straight lines (that is why we see so many feathers and pumpkin seed formats on linear and graphic Amish quilts). In the case of round edge designs (such as applique) straight-line quilting complements the soft edges of the applique (again, think of classic applique quilts and the familiar cross-hatched quilting formats that set them off). So your quilting format choice is good.

My suggestion about the quilting is that there be more of it. Your consistency of the same density (or amount) of quilting across the whole surface of the quilt is well balanced and good, but when wrinkles in the un-quilted areas of the border are evident it detracts from the beautiful whole of a quilt. Perhaps a continuation of the diagonal line quilting into the border would add the needed stitches and smooth out the puffy places in the border.

Also, you did not mention the size of your quilt. It looks to be fairly small. Another factor to consider is that small quilts invite more quilting. When the scale of a quilt, as a whole, is small, quilting lines need to be close together to be in keeping with that small scale.

And, finally, if you plan to enter competition with a quilt, remember that more quilting is always good advice. The amount of quilting on the quilts that win top prizes is always plentiful.

In answer to your question about stay-stitching the edge of a quilt before putting on the binding, the answer is yes. However be sure that the stay stitches are not tight and they do not pull the edge of the quilt too much. The simple process of attaching the binding to the quilt (before hand sewing it down) has a tendency to pull the edges of the quilt in just a bit and that is usually just enough to make the quilt lie flat.

Congratulations on your beautiful wall hanging.


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